Case study: AEclipse: Auto Enrolment Specialists

Case study: AEclipse: Auto Enrolment Specialists

The brief:

Provide advice on marketing for AEclipse.

The background:

The introduction of auto enrolment in the UK by The Pensions Regulator created both confusion and a wealth of new market opportunities. Companies were (and still are) obliged to enrol their staff into a work place pension scheme, but with no clear advice on how to integrate the requirement with existing payroll functions or how to navigate the world of pension schemes, most business leaders either passed the problem on to their accountants, or signed up to the free government scheme - and hoped for the best. AEclipse set out in business as consultants on the basis that auto enrolment was a complex and time consuming process. They offered the full spectrum of auto enrolemnt implementation and management services.

The problem: It became increasingly clear that the basic service of helping people enrol in a work place pension scheme, and indeed providing the on-going service of working out auto enrolment contributions was a time sensitive business. There was a small window of opportunity, but it was closing fast.

The solution: It was important that AEclipse focussed on getting ahead of the curve by providing value that others couldn't offer. The answer lied in the development of bespoke software. We helped AEclipse spin their marketing message away from low level administrative services towards building a reputation as auto enrolment middleware. We reduced the references to providng basic services and instead hammered home the message that AEclipse bridges the software gap between any payroll engine and any pension provider. This has subsequently led to high profile collabroations with large national players such as QuickBooks, Smart and The People's Pension.